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Belfast, Northern Ireland

I have worked with Fran professionally for the past 8 years, initially as an artiste manager and in that role found her to be a highly effective, strong but empathetic artiste representative, and then as our legal representative on a number of negotiations. 

Fran's attention to legal detail is exceptional and she has become an invaluable member of our negotiating team.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs a fair and strong advocate. On top of that she is a positive and joyful person to be around - a great combination when you are in the middle of difficult negotiations.  I can highly recommend her experienced and innovative approach to her profession.

Latest News

Streaming Subcription Fees Falling

Free trials and subscription wars have seen the price of streaming subscriptions reduced to as little as $6.66 per month.

Midia Consulting research group estimate that up to one quarter of all subscribers are hopping between free trials and using new email addresses to access free trials previously used.


Bowie & Elvis hold UK Record

David Bowie and Elvis Presley now hold the UK Record for most simultaneous entries in the UK's Top 40 Album Chart.   David Bowie currently has 12 albums in the Top 40. 

Sadly the record is due to the untimely death of both legendary artists.   Elvis died in 1977 and Bowie on 10th Jan 2016.    



Who We Are

RubyRed Legal is an entertainment law practice based in Perth, Western Australia. Its founder Francesca Cotton worked in the UK as an entertainment lawyer for over 20 years before returning to Perth to establish RubyRed Legal in 2013.

RubyRed Legal represents clients from all aspects of the entertainment industry including music, film and television, modelling, book publishing and employment .

Our Cause

Looking for a charity to support that will use your donation wisely and not spend it on exhorbitant marketing directors fees or admin costs?  Look no further. Children In Crossfire supports children less fortunate than ourselves. By partnering with people on the ground Children In Crossfire is able to ensure that  85% of all the money they receive (yes 85%!!) supports the projects they are so passionate about, 14% is spent on fundraising and publicity, leaving 1% to cover costs (yes 1%!!) The charity was founded by Richard Moore.  Richard was a child caught in crossfire himself, whilst running home from…