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Three years after the late singer's death a bronze statue has been unveiled on what would have been Amy's 31st birthday, in Stables Market, Camden Town, London.


Music Rights Australia has advised the Australian Government that Australia should adopt the US copyright alert system as a means of combating on-line piracy.   The system is based on a 6 step approach and 3 levels of warnings - Edutcational, Acknowledgement and Mitigation.   During the 10 months of operating CAS has sent 1.3 million alert notices, 70% during the initial stage and only 3% during the final stage.  Only 265 subscribers have filed review requests, and all notices were found to be valid with the majority of account holders confirming that someone other than the account holder was using the computer at the time.

CD Baby Free enables artists to use a range of tools without an initial sign up fee, and will charge artists 15% commission on sales.   Artists can sel on CD Baby's digital store and use the distributors embeddable player

A new 3D virtual reality app has been designed specifically for Samsung Gear VR which will allow users to watch music videos and concerts on a full screen in a virtual theatre.   Vevo has over 10,000 official music videos and original shows.

A transition is taking place from paid downloads to streaming, and ownership of music to access to it.

With the ongoing decline in CD sales, and now paid downloads, musicians are going to earn even less for their music.   A recent report {The Streaming Effect, Accessing The Impact of Streaming Music Behaviour - Mark Mulligan) claims that by the end of 2014 37million people worldwide will be paying for streaming whilst 210 million will be listening for free on ad supported services.

A recent study by Live Performance Australia shows Australia's live performance industry contributes $1.2 billion to the Australian economy.   Almost 1/2 is down to box office receipts, 28.9% to corporate sponsorhip and 17.6% to government funding.   Contemporary Music is the highest sector contributing almost 1/3 ($830.9 million) to the total.

The live scene employs 34,000 compared to the film/video sector which employs 20,000.

The study was based on 2012 figures and prepared by accountants EY (formerly Ernst & Young).

Australian live performance industry worth $2.5 billion - study


Indie labels have refused to sign up to You-Tube's yet to be launched subscription service citing "indefensible terms".   Although the majors have signed up, the BPI (the UK's music industry body representing the 3 majors and large indie labels) are supporting the indies.  You Tube are not pleased and have threatened to pull the indie's music videos from the free service "within days". This should get everyone back to the negotiating table - can the two work independently?   YouTube without indie music and indies without a major platform?

BIG SHOUT OUT TO GINA WILLIAMS = just awarded ARTIST OF THE YEAR at the NAIDOC PERTH AWARDS which honour the outstanding achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.   Gina has just released her debut album KALYAKOORL with Guy Ghouse, a beautiful album sung in the Noongar language - the first ever!  

In accepting her award Gina acknowledged and honoured the elders and members of community who had language taken from them and also honoured and humbly paid respect to those "rare ones in our community who are able to speak language fluently and freely and who have gently and persistently encouraged and corrected pronunciation, spelling and grammar.  Thanks to you we are afforded the chance to start rewriting the script.  We are humbled by your trust and support". 

App enables viewers to watch live events from their living room.   Footage is HD quality and optimised for widescreen LG Smart TV's.   The App has 5 categories:  Concerts (full length shows), Festivals (sessions and interviews), Backstage, Live Feed and Sessions.


A MUST SEE!   Brilliant and funny.  Fantastic characters.  Unexpected twists.  Fast paced.  Punctuated with hilarious and poignant songs.   Will have you thinking about life long after you've seen it.  Like an ELEPHENT it's one you're never going to forget.  Go SEE IT BEFORE 18 MAY. When you're done go home and throw out your Christmas decorations.  You'll view life differently after this one!

"A surreal soap opera where people find the power to sing all the things they desperately want to say"  

A big shout out to THE LAST GREAT HUNT team




VKONTAKTE (dubbed Russia's Facebook) has reportedly agreed to block copyright infringing content from its website.  The company is allegedly blacklisted as a "notorious market" by the US Trade Representative and has to date refused to sign a memorandum of understanding with Russia's telecom watchdog.  The major labels filed legal proceedings against Vkontakte last month. 36 internet sites have signed the memorandum of understanding to date.

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