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A new rock music conference (GLOBAL ROCK SUMMIT) will be held in L.A on April 4th -5th and is one of four conferences organised by A & R Worldwide to be held in Hollywood this April.   The Worldwide Radio Summit (2nd - 4th), Musexpo (6th - 9th), and the Global Synch and Consumer Brands Summit (8th)

KULCHA (Perth's world music institution) will close after 30 years of promoting and developing multicultural arts across WA due to the State Government and the Office of Multicultural Interests declining further funding.   Only last year KULCHA won the WA Office of Multicultural Interests Community Services Excellence Award.  The KULCHA Performance Centre in Fremantle will close and all forthcoming events have been cancelled including KULCHA's nationally broadcast OZ Concert 2014.

Shock One - No 1 Debut Album
Congrats to Perth born, London based Shock One on his No1 debut album "Universus" going straight in at No 1 on the Australian charts and No 3 on the UK Dance charts. It might be his first album but he's no stranger to success having released huge chart topping EP's and singles over the past few years.

BEATS MUSIC (new streaming platform) to launch in Australia by June replacing Telstra's MOG service.  Beats Music launched in January in the US and has in excess of 20 million songs in its catalogue.

BMG is set to acquire music publishers TALPA MUSIC BV, specialists in electronic dance music, which owns over 37,000 songs and administers in exces of 500,000 songs!

Mullum Music Festival is now open for artist applications. Closing date 16 May.  The  Mullumbimby Festival (Byron Bay, Qlsd) runs from 20 - 23 November this year. 

All In One Deals Sundowner

Perth music lawyer Fran Cotton is speaking about All In One deals for the WAM Sundowner Series on Monday 29 July 2013 at the Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth from 6pm - 7:30pm.

"Drift" Soundtrack Album

Well done to the team at World-Wide-Mind-Films who've released a stunning soundtrack album to coincide with the worldwide release of the motion picture "Drift" - a fantastic surfing movie showcasing Western Australia's beautiful south west coast.

Click here to buy this album on iTunes.
(Australia/New Zealand sales)

A*M*E - No 1 Single UK

A big shout out to A*M*E on her No 1 single "Need U" by Duke Dumont featuring A*M*E.    Only 18 years old and already a gold record (400,000+).  Oh and did I mention A*M*E also wrote the song!

Fat As Butter


Facebook my be a great social medium but think twice before using it to serve legal documents. Flo rida wins appeal against "fat as butter" festival organisers. The American artist pka Flo Rida has successfully appealed a judgment against him for over $380k because a court document was sent to him by email and a message posted on his Facebook page. As always, the case turns on the facts. Facts Flo Rida was due to headline the “Fat As Butter” festival in October 2011 but failed to appear. The festival organisers, Mothership Music Pty Ltd, commenced an action against him for breach of contract. Mothership Music obtained an order from the NSW District Court allowing them to serve a statement of claim on Flo Rida via email and posting a message to him on his Facebook page concerning this. Flo Rida did not appear in court and a judgment for damages in the sum of $380,400.60 (plus interest) was made against him. The order was made the day before Flo Rida left Australia and the NSW Court of Appeal found that: 1. there was no evidence to suggest that Flo Rida had seen the statement of claim; 2. the email did not identify the recipients; 3. there was no evidence that the Facebook page was Flo Rida’s; and 4. there was no evidence that Flo Rida had seen the post before he left Australia. Conclusion There was no proof that Flo Rida saw the email or posting on Facebook whilst he was in Australia. The order permitting service via email and Facebook was overturned because Flo Rida could not lawfully be personally served outside Australia. Decision Decision Date: 20 August 2013 Flo Rida v Mothership Music Pty Ltd (2013) NSWCA 268


BEATS MUSIC (on-line streaming service that launched in the US in January and set to launch in Australia by end of June) allows artists to promote tickets and merch directly to its subscribers.   Fans click on artist's profile page and are directed to artists' on-line store to purchase item.

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Looking for a charity to support that will use your donation wisely and not spend it on exhorbitant marketing directors fees or admin costs?  Look no further. Children In Crossfire supports children less fortunate than ourselves. By partnering with people on the ground Children In Crossfire is able to ensure that  85% of all the money they receive (yes 85%!!) supports the projects they are so passionate about, 14% is spent on fundraising and publicity, leaving 1% to cover costs (yes 1%!!) The charity was founded by Richard Moore.  Richard was a child caught in crossfire himself, whilst running home from…