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Tuesday, 18 August 2015 22:16

Legendary Manager Jazz Summers dies

R.I.P. Jazz. I had the pleasure of working with (or against!) Jazz whilst working at Warner and Universal (UK) as some of Jazz's artists were signed to the labels. Jazz was an effective and forceful manager. Being Director of Legal and Business Affairs meant not always seeing eye to eye with managers, and Jazz was an experienced and charismatic manager that fought loudly and passionately for his artists and his corner. He will be sadly missed by the industry. Check out some of Jazz's quotes from his autobiography "Big Life" published recently to see why!

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Thursday, 19 March 2015 17:25

Streaming Revenue Overtakes CD Sales in US

US Recorded Music Revenue in 2014 sees Streaming Revenue overtake CD Revenue for the first time, whilst still to catch Download Revenue, despite a decrease in downloads.

Overall Revenue (US$6.97 billion) is down 0.5% against 2013 Revenue.  Revenue has effectively halved in less than 20 years.  1999 (US$14.6 billion)

Following figures in US Dollars

Album Unit Sales down 11% 

Vinyl Sales almost doubled ($314.9 mill)

Streaming up 3.2% ($1.87 bill)

Paid subscriptions up 25%  ($799 mill)

Ad supported freemium up 34%  ($294 mill)

Streaming personal radio up 31% ($773 mill)

CD Sales down 12.7%  ($1.85 bill)

Downloads down 8.5%  ($2.6 bill)

Doesn't take a mathematical genius to realise that artist income is falling drastically as music users turn to streaming and subscription services in favour of purchasing



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Verdict:   An L.A. jury has decided that Robin Thicke's massive hit "Blurred Lines" has infringed Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up".   The song was co-written by Thicke and Pharrell Williams and features rapper T.I.

Award:  US$7.36 million to the Gaye family

Revenue:  Blurred Lines amassed US$16 million+, with Thicke and Williams earning over US$5million each

Claim:  Originally filed against "Got To Give It Up" label and Gaye family in 2013 by Thicke, Williams and T.I after allegations of copying.  Thicke and Williams claimed they hadn't copied any part of Gaye's song.   Gaye family counter-sued.


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Tuesday, 03 March 2015 12:09

UK Charts include Streaming

The UK Official Album and Singles Charts now include Streaming.

Sam Smith's "In the Lonely Hour" is the first no.1 album on the newly integrated Charts.

Ellie Goulding's "Love Me Like You Do" is the first no 1 single.

Single "sales" for last week totalled 6.6 million - but streaming made up almost 60% of this figure.

You wonder how artists are making any money these days with Google Play allegedly helping albums chart by selling albums at 99p!   Google Play reduced albums by the Brit Award winners to £3.99.


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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 13:48

Crisis Meeting about Closure of Perth Venues

Members of the Perth music industry and scene held a public meeting last night at The Bakery in Perth (a venue closing shortly) to discuss how to prevent future venue closures. I couldn't make it but here's a summary of what was discussed.





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A recent study has highlighted the drastic reduction in recorded music income in Ireland. The study is based on a 5 year period (2008 - 2012) and shows income for recorded music fell by 50% during that period!   Not surprisingly digital sales and streaming increased by 14% whilst physical sales dropped.  The total income across all recorded music, including digital and streaming fell from 72 million in 2008 to 33 million in 2012.

There is nothing to suggest that the market will not continue to shrink and a number of measures have been suggested including setting up a National Music Board, similar to the Irish Film Board.  

IMRO [Ireland's equivalent of PRS (UK) and APRA (Australia)] estimates that 291 million is generated by the core music industry each year in Ireland, 88.6 million from consumer spending and 93.8 million from the digital supply chain.

Ireland has always been a champion of the arts and the nation has produced some legendary musicians and music.   It is critical that musicians continue to earn from their music to ensure that the legacy continues and musicians are able to make a career of it.





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New Statistics show that UK creative industries are worth £8.8 million per hour or £146,000 per minute to the UK economy.   Creatie industries include music, film, tv, books, video games and account for 5.6% of total UK jobs (1.71 million).

For the FIRST TIME in the OFFICIAL UK CHARTS history the Top 10 best selling albums in the UK in 2014 were all by UK artists.

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INTERLUDE create personalised interactive videos.   WARNERS hopes deal will broaden artists opportunities in sponsorship, premium advertising and brand management.   They have already collaborated on Damon Albarn's "Heavy Sea Of Love" video, which gives viewers options to interact by selecting alternative scenes.    Check out this link to view video

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MIND YOUR MARKETING.   Manchester's PARKLIFE FESTIVAL has been fined £70k for sending text messages to festival goers allegedlly from the festival goers mothers.

"Some of the Parklife after parties have sold out.  If you're going make sure you're home for breakfast. xxx"

This unfortunate marketing technique back-fired when countless festival goers who's mothers were no longer alive became understandably distressed by the texts.   The Information Commissioner's Office said many people suffered "substantial distress".   Some festival goers cancelled their tickets.   

The festival organisers initially joked about the texts but later publicly apologised.  

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Streaming revenue from Spotify is higher than sales revenue from iTunes in respect of EUROPEAN streaming and downloading activity for Kobalt writers in Q1 2014. 

KOBALT has reported that Spotify revenue was 13% higher than iTunes revenue in Q1 2014. Previously iTunes revene was higher than Spotify by 8% in Q4 2013 and 32% in Q3 2014.



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