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APRA AMCOS - the Australian mechanical copyright and public performance collection society -  has agreed a deal with Facebook whereby the songwriters, composers and music publishers that APRA AMCOS represents (including international songwriters) will be paid for the use of their music on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger.

Good news for the publishing community and a giant step forward in educating the public at large in recognising the countless unsung hours that go into writing great songs.  

Monetary details, monitoring terms and just how this works in practice, yet to be confirmed!

Spotify has officially denounced its new "hateful conduct" policy less than a month after announcing that it would ban artists from its first party playlists on the grounds of hateful conduct.

R Kelly and rapper XXXTentacion were allegedly among the artists removed from its major playlists due to allegations of serious misconduct in their public lives.

Needless to say this subjective ruling did not go down too well with an industry dominated by streaming (Spotify being one of the dominant players) and where artists behaviour has always pushed the boundaries and headlines!

Spotify continues, and rightly so, to remove music that contains content inciting hatred or violence against people of any race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.    

Gina and Guy have recently launched their stunning second album "Bindi Bindi" (butterfly) featuring nine original tracks sung in the Noongar language plus a translation and fabulous interpretation of "Under The Milky Way" by The Church.  Gina was awarded Western Australian of the Year last year in the aboriginal category and this album is testament to her absolute dedication and commitment to keeping this beautiful language alive.  The album is now available from their on-line store






You Tube just added songwriter, label and publishing data to its premium and music videos and fan uploaded content featuring recorded music.  The credits can be accessed via a "Show More" button under each video with a link to the artist's "Official Artist Channel" and "Official Music Video" where applicable.  Spotify announced 3 months ago that it would add songwriter credits to its desktop platform, a move welcomed by the industry highlighting the importance of the creators of the songs.

This information will also assist the collection societies who are struggling to keep up with the influx of millions of lines of data received from the DSP's.  Without vital data accounting is delayed and often non-transparent.


You Tube launched its audio-visual platform You Tube Music in Australia, NZ, US, Mexico and South Korea on 22 May 2018.   It offers an ad supported and $9.99 premium tier.   With over 1 billion visitors a month playing music on You Tube, the platform has a huge potential to attract subscribers. The music industry has backed this latest launch as another opportunity to monetise creative content.  You Tube's largest competitors, Apple Music and Spotify, have over 115 million paying subscribers between them.

CROWDED HOUSE's spectacular return to the stage on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House after 20 years brought in a huge rating for the ABC who broadcast it live (643k+ viewers) enabling the fans ex-forecourt to experience a fantastic nostalgic virtual concert reminding many of the brilliant live shows this band performed pre-internet days!   Bonus to see my friend Mark Hart on keyboards after not sighting him for 20 years!

Free trials and subscription wars have seen the price of streaming subscriptions reduced to as little as $6.66 per month.

Midia Consulting research group estimate that up to one quarter of all subscribers are hopping between free trials and using new email addresses to access free trials previously used.

Gina and Guy released their debut album KALYAKOORL ("Forever") in 2014.   The album is unique in that it is the first to be recorded in the Noongar language.   It is a masterpiece and deeply respectiful of the land and culture.  Gina was awarded the NAIDOC Perth Artist of the Year Award 2014 which honours outstanding achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The Western Australian Music Industry awarded them with the Indigenous Act of the Year Award in 2013 and 2014.


R.I.P. Jazz. I had the pleasure of working with (or against!) Jazz whilst working at Warner and Universal (UK) as some of Jazz's artists were signed to the labels. Jazz was an effective and forceful manager. Being Director of Legal and Business Affairs meant not always seeing eye to eye with managers, and Jazz was an experienced and charismatic manager that fought loudly and passionately for his artists and his corner. He will be sadly missed by the industry. Check out some of Jazz's quotes from his autobiography "Big Life" published recently to see why!

US Recorded Music Revenue in 2014 sees Streaming Revenue overtake CD Revenue for the first time, whilst still to catch Download Revenue, despite a decrease in downloads.

Overall Revenue (US$6.97 billion) is down 0.5% against 2013 Revenue.  Revenue has effectively halved in less than 20 years.  1999 (US$14.6 billion)

Following figures in US Dollars

Album Unit Sales down 11% 

Vinyl Sales almost doubled ($314.9 mill)

Streaming up 3.2% ($1.87 bill)

Paid subscriptions up 25%  ($799 mill)

Ad supported freemium up 34%  ($294 mill)

Streaming personal radio up 31% ($773 mill)

CD Sales down 12.7%  ($1.85 bill)

Downloads down 8.5%  ($2.6 bill)

Doesn't take a mathematical genius to realise that artist income is falling drastically as music users turn to streaming and subscription services in favour of purchasing



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