Children In Crossfire

Looking for a charity to support that will use your donation wisely and not spend it on exhorbitant marketing directors fees or admin costs?  Look no further. Children In Crossfire supports children less fortunate than ourselves. By partnering with people on the ground Children In Crossfire is able to ensure that  85% of all the money they receive (yes 85%!!) supports the projects they are so passionate about, 14% is spent on fundraising and publicity, leaving 1% to cover costs (yes 1%!!)
The charity was founded by Richard Moore.  Richard was a child caught in crossfire himself, whilst running home from school at the age of 10, when he was blinded by a rubber bullet shot by a British soldier in 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland. Richard is an inspiration to many and went on to attain a university degree, marry and have children, play in a band for a number of years, own a pub, own a pirate radio station on which he regularly dj's and eventually form the charity.  He appears to achieve so much more than sighted folk for example he has walked the New York marathon!  To quote Richard "they can take away your sight, but they can't take away your vision".
RubyRed Legal's founder, Fran Cotton, has supported Children In Crossfire since around 2004, and worked closely with the charity in helping to raise funds. She has visited the children in Kenya with Richard that now have a school and fresh drinking water thanks to the charity. The charity runs the only free cancer clinic for children in East Tanzania, are training nurses who will provide much needed medical care in their communities, have moved families living in a graveyard in Ethiopia into apartments built by the charity, and so much more.
The charity's website is a colourful source of information, those working for the charity are great craic and truly wonderful, and Fran wholeheartedly recommends supporting any number of their causes. If you want any further information or fancy helping out for a while on the ground please email Fran or go to the website at