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The IFPI has released its 2013 report ranking music markets by their music revenue.

Figures below represents % of overall revenue

1.USA            60% digital

2.JAPAN         80% physical, 16% digital

3.GERMANY    73% physical, 21% digital

4.UK             44% physical, 44% digital

Changes to the UK Copyright Act will soon allow anyone in the UK to make personal copies of any media they own (e.g. CD's, ebooks, films, photos but not computer software) for their own private use including format shifting and personal on-line storage.  It will still be illegal to make copies for anyone else (including family and friends) to make copies of any media that the individual does not own, and to give anyone else access to the copies including the personal storage.    Other changes to the Act include widening the permitted use of quotations and limited parodying rights e.g. video remixes on YouTube, although the owner still has the right to object to derogatory treatment.

Practical Tips from Dave Rowntree (this life - criminal lawyer, last life - Blur's drummer)

An ASCAP rate court ruling has held that Pandora (an internet radio service) pay performing rights organisations 1.85% of its annual income.   Publishers are lamenting the ruling believing songwriters and composers should be paid more for radio airplay and that the rates are governed by antiquated consent decrees that bear no resemblance in todays landscape.   The ruling does not apply to the Universal Music Publishing Group BMI repertoire as UMPG signed a direct licensing deal with Pandora last year.

ASCAP/Pandora ruling

A new rock music conference (GLOBAL ROCK SUMMIT) will be held in L.A on April 4th -5th and is one of four conferences organised by A & R Worldwide to be held in Hollywood this April.   The Worldwide Radio Summit (2nd - 4th), Musexpo (6th - 9th), and the Global Synch and Consumer Brands Summit (8th)

KULCHA (Perth's world music institution) will close after 30 years of promoting and developing multicultural arts across WA due to the State Government and the Office of Multicultural Interests declining further funding.   Only last year KULCHA won the WA Office of Multicultural Interests Community Services Excellence Award.  The KULCHA Performance Centre in Fremantle will close and all forthcoming events have been cancelled including KULCHA's nationally broadcast OZ Concert 2014.

Shock One - No 1 Debut Album
Congrats to Perth born, London based Shock One on his No1 debut album "Universus" going straight in at No 1 on the Australian charts and No 3 on the UK Dance charts. It might be his first album but he's no stranger to success having released huge chart topping EP's and singles over the past few years.

BEATS MUSIC (new streaming platform) to launch in Australia by June replacing Telstra's MOG service.  Beats Music launched in January in the US and has in excess of 20 million songs in its catalogue.

BMG is set to acquire music publishers TALPA MUSIC BV, specialists in electronic dance music, which owns over 37,000 songs and administers in exces of 500,000 songs!

Mullum Music Festival is now open for artist applications. Closing date 16 May.  The  Mullumbimby Festival (Byron Bay, Qlsd) runs from 20 - 23 November this year. 

All In One Deals Sundowner

Perth music lawyer Fran Cotton is speaking about All In One deals for the WAM Sundowner Series on Monday 29 July 2013 at the Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth from 6pm - 7:30pm.

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